Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Ceramic products       

The art of CERAMICS or POTTERY goes as far as the history of mankind. The mastership of artisans reached high levels yet several millennia ago. It is impossible to imagine our civilization without ceramic kitchenware! Besides being used for household needs, ceramics was extensively created for decoration purposes. Each cultural epoch can boast of its own ceramic masterpieces.        Today this craft is as popular as ever.
       There are various types of ceramic materials and techniques practiced for many centuries.
TERRACOTTA (baked clay) is the first known type of pottery. In ancient times, terracotta was the main material for producing kitchenware, statuettes, various vessels and construction details. In modern times, terracotta is associated with the brownish orange color and primitive flower pots and bricks.
PORCELAIN (or china) is a kind of ceramic material made of a mineral mixture of kaolin (china clay), plastic clay, quartz, and feldspar. Porcelain ware is white, thin and almost translucent. Even without glaze it does not absorb water. The original hard paste porcelain material was first used in Ancient China and that is why it got its second name “china”. The other two kinds, soft paste and bone china, were invented in Europe.
MAJOLICA is the name for earthenware pottery decorated with a glaze of bright colors. Typically, the earthenware is massive, with an S-shaped silhouette, glittery, with contrasting colors.
FAIENCE (a.k.a. highly glazed pottery, delft, Dutch ware) is a finely porous (usually white) thin ceramic ware. This type of pottery was widespread all over the world, and in many cultures faience has distinguished glazing and painting designs.
CHAMOTTE (a.k.a. grog) is used for creation of decorative vases, reliefs. These type of ceramics has a beautiful grainy surface called “tooth”. Sometimes chamotte is glazed to get a specific mixed texture.
Nowadays masters of ceramics use various methods of decorations, such as fire greening in reducing and oxidative agents, toning and painting by salts and metal acids in color engobe, enamel or glaze.
Even though it is extremely hard to find an original technique or design today, some masters still manage to fascinate us by their ingenious creations. Enjoy the TOP-20 most creative ceramic products. We are not to judge or compare other people’s work, so the products are displayed in a random order.
Jennifer McCurdy’s Wheel Thrown Porcelain with inside gilding

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Чудеса Рукоделия! ТОП8 милейших игрушек, которые так и хочется обнять!

  Эти невероятно милые создания стают еще более привлекательны, когда узнаешь, что созданы они из завалявшихся обрезков и подручных материалов. 
Да это же просто Чудеса Рукоделия…
1. Миниатюрные кегли для боулинга в виде пингвинов 
валяные миниатюрные игрушки
2. Элайджа Слон. Да, именно так его и зовут.
игрушка слон

Thursday, September 17, 2015

MINIATURE CALENDAR - miniature figurines by Tatsuya Tanaka

       Since April 20th, 2011 every day Tatsuya Tanaka has been presenting a new photo of miniature figures set with everyday objects looking like something else. His fantasy seems endless and the project has gained many fans far beyond Japan. More than 1000 photos of curious comparisons render people in a playful mood and make them smile. Some of us may remember that similar comparisons have come to our heads, too, right?
Take a shower 
      Tatsuya called his challenging project “Miniature Calendar”. It all started as a way of photographing his collection of diorama dolls but the success of the first photos inspired the photographer to continue.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


       Ice cream makes life better! If it didn’t exist someone would have to invent it. Thankfully for me, that burden of expectation has been taken off my shoulders.
      We have ice cream! We have life!
      Here are 10 reasons why I love this delicious! You also can add your own reasons here! So check them out!
ice cream

1. Because nothing goes better with a nice cup of black coffee than a few scoops of your favorite ice cream !
ice cream, summer yummy
 2. Cause nothing says 'Yes! We're at the Beach!" like an ice-cream breakfast. The kind of thing you know your kids will remember forever.
ice cream

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Посвятите себя творчеству – мы позаботимся обо всем остальном!

Madeheart — это компания-дистрибьютор товаров ручной работы. На данный момент мы продаем изделия более 7000 мастеров в 65 стран мира. 
    love handmade
  1. Madeheart.ru - это более 200 человек, работающих на ваше благо; ваши товары доступны десяткам миллионов потребителей, они продаются более чем в 60 странах мира.