Tuesday, October 6, 2015


..Trick and treating,
From door to door,
Not enough sweets,
I must have more!!!
Bwa-ha-ha! :)

Guys, All Hallows Evening is coming soon, so, without much words, we prepared for you the best stuff to get you in the Halloween spirit!

#5 of our “Horror Top List” – an amazingly stylish bow tie.
This is a perfect accessory for the Halloween party!
Like they say, the essence is in details :)

halloween bow tie

#4 Cool leather passport cover with skull on it
Everyone’s waiting for the next surprise,
skeleton Jack might catch you in the eye!
Seriously, if you want to pass through the bouncer at the Halloween party, you’ll definitely need the coolest cover for your docs! Be prepared!

leather cover for documents

#3 of our “Hit Parade” is Cute Black Cats.
You need to be awesome this night, so these cats will become a jewelry #1, which will complement your “fearful” look.

black cats earrings

#2 Yep! How can we celebrate without the main attribute of All Hallows Evening?
A knitted toy pumpkin is our winner in the nomination
“Best home decoration for Halloween”!

halloween pumpkins

And…#1 Enigmatic Celtic Skull for eccentric things lovers.
Keep the most precious stuffs in it.

halloween party accessories

Happy Halloween Guys!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Ceramic products       

The art of CERAMICS or POTTERY goes as far as the history of mankind. The mastership of artisans reached high levels yet several millennia ago. It is impossible to imagine our civilization without ceramic kitchenware! Besides being used for household needs, ceramics was extensively created for decoration purposes. Each cultural epoch can boast of its own ceramic masterpieces.        Today this craft is as popular as ever.
       There are various types of ceramic materials and techniques practiced for many centuries.
TERRACOTTA (baked clay) is the first known type of pottery. In ancient times, terracotta was the main material for producing kitchenware, statuettes, various vessels and construction details. In modern times, terracotta is associated with the brownish orange color and primitive flower pots and bricks.
PORCELAIN (or china) is a kind of ceramic material made of a mineral mixture of kaolin (china clay), plastic clay, quartz, and feldspar. Porcelain ware is white, thin and almost translucent. Even without glaze it does not absorb water. The original hard paste porcelain material was first used in Ancient China and that is why it got its second name “china”. The other two kinds, soft paste and bone china, were invented in Europe.
MAJOLICA is the name for earthenware pottery decorated with a glaze of bright colors. Typically, the earthenware is massive, with an S-shaped silhouette, glittery, with contrasting colors.
FAIENCE (a.k.a. highly glazed pottery, delft, Dutch ware) is a finely porous (usually white) thin ceramic ware. This type of pottery was widespread all over the world, and in many cultures faience has distinguished glazing and painting designs.
CHAMOTTE (a.k.a. grog) is used for creation of decorative vases, reliefs. These type of ceramics has a beautiful grainy surface called “tooth”. Sometimes chamotte is glazed to get a specific mixed texture.
Nowadays masters of ceramics use various methods of decorations, such as fire greening in reducing and oxidative agents, toning and painting by salts and metal acids in color engobe, enamel or glaze.
Even though it is extremely hard to find an original technique or design today, some masters still manage to fascinate us by their ingenious creations. Enjoy the TOP-20 most creative ceramic products. We are not to judge or compare other people’s work, so the products are displayed in a random order.
Jennifer McCurdy’s Wheel Thrown Porcelain with inside gilding

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Чудеса Рукоделия! ТОП8 милейших игрушек, которые так и хочется обнять!

  Эти невероятно милые создания стают еще более привлекательны, когда узнаешь, что созданы они из завалявшихся обрезков и подручных материалов. 
Да это же просто Чудеса Рукоделия…
1. Миниатюрные кегли для боулинга в виде пингвинов 
валяные миниатюрные игрушки
2. Элайджа Слон. Да, именно так его и зовут.
игрушка слон

Thursday, September 17, 2015

MINIATURE CALENDAR - miniature figurines by Tatsuya Tanaka

       Since April 20th, 2011 every day Tatsuya Tanaka has been presenting a new photo of miniature figures set with everyday objects looking like something else. His fantasy seems endless and the project has gained many fans far beyond Japan. More than 1000 photos of curious comparisons render people in a playful mood and make them smile. Some of us may remember that similar comparisons have come to our heads, too, right?
Take a shower 
      Tatsuya called his challenging project “Miniature Calendar”. It all started as a way of photographing his collection of diorama dolls but the success of the first photos inspired the photographer to continue.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


       Ice cream makes life better! If it didn’t exist someone would have to invent it. Thankfully for me, that burden of expectation has been taken off my shoulders.
      We have ice cream! We have life!
      Here are 10 reasons why I love this delicious! You also can add your own reasons here! So check them out!
ice cream

1. Because nothing goes better with a nice cup of black coffee than a few scoops of your favorite ice cream !
ice cream, summer yummy
 2. Cause nothing says 'Yes! We're at the Beach!" like an ice-cream breakfast. The kind of thing you know your kids will remember forever.
ice cream

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Посвятите себя творчеству – мы позаботимся обо всем остальном!

Madeheart — это компания-дистрибьютор товаров ручной работы. На данный момент мы продаем изделия более 7000 мастеров в 65 стран мира. 
    love handmade
  1. Madeheart.ru - это более 200 человек, работающих на ваше благо; ваши товары доступны десяткам миллионов потребителей, они продаются более чем в 60 странах мира.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


        Probably, everyone has heard about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They are also erroneously called Gardens of Semiramis, with attribution to the legendary queen of Babylon. According to the legend, Semiramis was a daughter of a goddess half-woman half-fish. In history she was in many ways a notable person, indeed. However, it was queen Ametis, wife of Assyrian king Nebuchadnezzar II, born two centuries before Semiramis, for whom the fabulous gardens were created.

To see how you can adorn your garden with a miniature handmade "Hanging Gardens"CLICK HERE ...

garden adornments

hanging gardens

Monday, July 13, 2015

Eco Friendly Kitchen Tools for a Happy Cook

    There may be dozens of interior design styles for kitchens, but some of them are more associated with Home in the stereotypical and the traditional understanding of this notion. Kitchens in Provence, ethnic and country styles remind us of the good old Home as it is usually pictured in old family photographs, fairytales, romantic novels and Hollywood dramas.
    So let’s see what makes these styles so dear to us? How is this atmosphere of a warm hearth and cosiness created?
    We are sure that the woman is the main creator of her kitchen. A happy woman will make a great kitchen. In her work she needs hundreds of small things to help her reign in her kingdom (or it is a queendom, in our case?) All these innumerable kitchen utensils from toothpicks to ovens make the army of the cook in the battle for a tasty dinner.
    Small things make the difference. This is proven by the life experience. Choose them with all the responsibility! We know that eco friendly kitchen tools are the best choice for every cook. Not only are they made of natural materials but also they are naturally beautiful and will suit any kitchen in Provence, ethnic and country design. Let’s see…
provence kitchen
   When you see this kitchen you feel how relaxed and light-hearted you could be in it, don’t’ you? Wooden kitchen utensils are must-haves in a kitchen in provence style: cutting boards, wooden spatulas and spoons, heat protection kitchen pads. Happiness lives in this kitchen and hides amongst the decorated bottles for olive oil or vinegar, brightly painted ceramic teapots and jars, vases with herbs like lavender, chamomile and mint.
ceramic teapot
    A kitchen in ethnic Japanese design can be decorated with kitchenware made of black smoked ceramics. Minimalism in style and maximalism in practicality, such might be a slogan for these kitchen utensils. Simplicity is a friend of comfort, and comfort is a friend of happiness! Your friend is my friend…

Friday, July 3, 2015

Some DIY ideas of how to attract butterflies to your garden

    This story is about irresistible grace, lightness and beauty in its purest form. About the most ephemeral and incredible creatures in the world, actually they have rightfully won this title.

Gorgeous butterflies!

    That’s it! This is the best inspiration of the Mother Nature and the biggest admiration from all around. Their life is full of wonderful moments and seems to be miraculous. They can tell you all about the flowers, sun and sky, about the wind and transience of life. They know everything about nothing. And even more. Butterflies are so delicate, but at the same time they have martial spirit inside. The lure light has always been their main desire. They will never be afraid to burn. That’s their nature.

    They are so small and brave. The butterfly symbolizes freedom, lightness and a new beginning. There are good grounds for saying, when a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, it can cause a hurricane in another part.

Actually, you can attract butterflies to your garden with a help of 2-3 homemade butterfly feeders.

And what  is cool about it  you can see all this in real, just make sure that you have all to do such a thing.
I’m not kidding, the truth as naked as it comes.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Creative ceramic figurines vs Boredom 4:0

   Boring things are mauvais ton nowadays. Really, we simply cannot afford buying ordinary things. Literally everything – from the toilet paper holder to the cutting board, from the laces on your sneakers to the bed linen – can be found in ingenious designer styles.

   I am sincerely amazed by the unique ceramic ideas that some ceramic designers realize and offer to us. So if you are looking for funny and creative bargains or gifts for any occasion, consider one of ceramic figurines from www.etsy.com/ru/shop/GrotesqueStatuettes.

   Look at these ceramic collectibles - the family of blue elephants. We cannot deny that they are weird. Very weird, actually. But so undeniably amicable with their wide Hollywood grins! They deserve the sunniest spot in your garden. Imagine how great the elephants wll look on the green grass. Or, you can put them right in the center of the mantelpiece. No one can suspect you in excessive sentimentality!
ceramic elephants
painted ceramic
   Another option to surprise your guests is this painted ceramic moster with bright eyes and ear-locators. 
His spikes reveal his rebellious character. His nose will sniff every mischief planned by your kids. 
Every time you will be passing by this monster and looking at him you will smile to the thought of your own perfection (in comparison with the monster).

ceramic monsters
Have you ever wondered at the power of visualization in pursue of your goals? If one of your goals is to overcome a bad habits of yours, like smoking, foul language or too-many-donats-eating-every-day, imagine this habit as one of these ceramic monsters confined to a cage. 
Ugly, miserable and helpless it is! Look at your imprisoned monster and laugh in its face. Now you are free from it! Let it know its place! It has no more power over you.
ceramic stuff
This is only the beginning in your exploration of the amazing world of bizarre and funny ceramic stuff
Be sure you will find many other cool items to help you fight with boredom and commonness.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Decorating a Kitchen with a DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

   DIY projects from recycled materials are winning more and more followers all around the globe. I decided to pay contribution to this trend, practice a little and make decorative kitchen accessories.

   For my project I chose items as trivial as empty bottles, rough threads and PVA glue.

   My idea was to create decorative bottles with a textured surface in rustic style. The basic method is to cover the bottle with plenty of glue and wrap it with the threads line by line, close to each other for a dense layer.
   Yes, the work might be somewhat time consuming, but very rewarding in the end. You will get a bottle that you can either leave as it is or decorate further. You can add a graphic design or paint a simple image on it. These decorative bottles can also serve as vases for field flowers. You can serve your homemade wine or keep your favorite olive oil in them.

   I made a couple of such bottles because I like how they look in a set. The secret of a good composition from such bottles is to use bottles of different shapes and heights. Usually, three of them will look great together (remember, that uneven numbers are more favorable for compositions than even).

   You still don’t know how to decorate kitchen? Seriously? To create various decorative glass bottles you can use threads like mine or the leftovers of yarn for knitting. Think of adding lace accents or making patterns with buttons or beads.
   I hope that you like my bottles. I am sure that you can develop this basis DIY project into even more sophisticated and colorful projects of yours.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Original Bronze Jewelry For Your Feminine Look

   When you see bronze jewelry you feel that besides style it has got a character. You understand that this not knick-krackery, but symbolic statements of your tastes and passions.
   Look at this handmade metal ring. Its simplicity speaks for itself: I do not need any adornments, I only wish a pinch of elegance.
   The Kamasutra bronze pendant is far from being a trinket. It is meant for an audacious woman who is self-assured, free of stereotypes and ready to accentuate her sexuality.
   The textured ring with mysterious lines will add an aura of enigma to your image. “What do these lines mean?”, they will be asking you. Bestow them with a mysterious smile and keep your secret!
   The pendant with yin-yang cats can set you in the right mood for reaching the balance and the harmony between the feminine and the masculine parts of your personality.
   The bronze pendant dragon heart serves as a univocal signal that you are not a sweet marshmallow girl, but a person with burning passions in your heart: “Behave well and I will share my fire with you”.
   The bronze pendant "Phoenix bird powers" is an infallible choice if you would like to draw good luck and all the best powers to you (as well as attention to your beautiful low neck, too).
   The art of wearing jewelry consists of two stages. First, you have to choose that very one item from the thousands of them available on sale. Second, you have to choose matching clothes. (When you shop for clothes, it is the other way round, of course.) Remember, that a wrong choice at either stage will reduce to zero the value of each of the parts of the match.
   So what kind of clothes can be adorned with bronze jewelry? In my point of view, dresses are the best choice. Bronze looks great with green, dark red, yellow and white color. Mustard hue and the hues of brown (chocolate, coffee, caramel, cinnamon – are not just words starting with “c” and not my  favorite treats, though they actually are! – to name but a few of them) are also among the favorable combinations with bronze.
Look for dresses of the casual, ethnic and romantic styles with free airy silhouettes, made of natural cloths like linen, silk and cotton.
   Are you still looking for an excuse for being feminine this summer? Find the most beautiful dress in your closet with a matching pair of shoes, do your hair chic and gorgeous, and accentuate your femininity with an original bronze jewelry item from BronzeCentury.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

12 Most Common Misconceptions About Handmade

1. Handmade products are for the poor.
Actually, if you are looking for a status thing, you would not be able to opt a Chanel handbag for a handcrafted handbag. Handmade accessories say nothing about the size of your purse, they signify that you have more creativity, courage and individual taste than the average.
handcrafted handbag

2. Handmade products are for the rich.
In fact, you can find handmade products of all price ranges, most of them are more than affordable.

3. Handmade products are of poor quality.
Conscientious artisans will never afford themselves selling a product of a low quality. A couple of such neglects can cost them their reputation and profit.
4. Handmade products are not fashionable.
“Fashion comes and goes, but the style is eternal,” Yves Saint Laurent said once. Even great designers agree that trying to follow fashion trends is a pursuit for the ephemeral. Don’t try to be fashionable, try to find your own style! Handmade accessories can emphasize your individuality.
metal accessorize

5. Handmade products are only for women.
Men can shop for exclusive men’s jewelry and accessories like designer bow tiecufflinks, canes, ties, bow ties, belts, wallets, notebooks, bags and other stuff.
designer bow tie

6. Handmade products are primitive.
Primitive is if you still buy postcards in your local supermarket. Handmade products can be laconic, but not primitive. The production of most things is an elaborate process that demands lots of patience, artistic taste, skills, preparation and originality.

7. Handmade products come exclusively from the countries of the Third World.
Did you know that the majority of the most successful sellers at Etsy come from the USA and Canada?
8. “Handmade” products are actually manufactured in China.
You will be amazed to know how many local artisans work in your neighborhood. They are usually united in a strong community. They provide support to each other, offer classes and exchange experience.
handmade soap

9. Handmade products are boring.
Almost never. Get rid of the stereotypical image of handmade as of your granny’s knitted socks. Some handmade creations blow your mind (in a positive meaning)!

10. Handmade means vintage.
Nope. Some handmade is ultra-modern!
11. Handmade is a name of one style.
There exist dozens of handmade techniques!
DIY ideas

12. Handmade products are for decoration only.
Handmade is more than sweet angel statuettes! If you think so, you probably haven’t heard of handmade soap, bags, furniture, ware, clothes hangers and so on and so forth. Yes, all these products are beautiful, but their beauty doesn’t diminish their utility.
home decor

Now that we have proved all these misconceptions groundless – you can shop for handmade products and enjoy the process and the result!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

TOP 10 wise tips for saving money!

"I must buy this dress right now!" - "The 10th pair of shoes, so what? I need a new one!" - "I have nothing to wear again" Sounds like a step-by-step guide on how to be a lady. I'm kidding! We are all the same, even if trying to hide our truth. We are women. And it’s impossible to change us. And we are keen on shopping. This is one of the biggest passion for some of us. We can spend hours on walking in the shopping mall and buy absolutely nothing. Moreover, we are always in search of the best discounts. This is the way we are. All this is because we wish to learn how to shop and spend wisely.
Tell me now: how much money do you spend on shopping per month? Now compare this amount with your "incredible" salary. Funny, isn't it? Anyway, it is impossible to avoid shopping. All of us belong to the circle of consumers and it does not matter if you are a woman or a man. We need to do this, weekly or monthly. That’s why, the main thing to know is how to spend wisely when shopping. In order to make your life more interesting, I've created the list of top 10 wise tips for saving money.

1. Prices of one item can vary greatly in different stores. Compare prices!

2. Use discount coupons in stores you like most of all to save money. Look for coupons and sales!

3. To avoid a scam -  make sure that the online store you are interested in is real. Investigate!

4. Start buying only that you really need. Avoid unplanned purchases!

5. Before shopping decide on a certain amount of money you can afford spending. Know your limits!

6. You can buy Christmas presents beforehand to avoid the rush and new ski gear in summer when the prices are cheaper. Mind the seasons!
yellow winter scarf

7. If you are searching for a perfect pair of shoes, take your time and be totally sure that it will go with something from your wardrobe. Don’t make hasty decisions!

8. Look for something made of natural materials. Such a thing might cost a little more expensive but it will last you for longer. Choose only high quality things!
blue dressCrochet bag

9. Stop making purchases that do not bring any pleasure. Spend money with positive emotions!

10. Remember about the environment and animal rights. Shop responsibly!

All these tips can be really useful for you. Maybe I will also be interested in other my articles about handmade fashion. Try to follow our tips and share them with your friends. We wish you a wise and lucky shopping!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Who wants to play the best cat toys ever? :)

Kids toy "Cat ball"-1
Crochet Cat Ball is independent person. He lives without hands and legs and still is happy. No one knows that he was born this way. Forget the stereotypes, he never cries, such happy he is. No tears are in his soul too. Cat ball is unlike the rest. His skin is knitted with strips on it. Different colors of lines. His skin is colored but it does not mean that he is not of this world. He is wonderful prodigy who always brings a sun ray to the room when he rolls in. 
Kids toy "Cat ball"-3
Little tail is on his back. It symbolizes something special that he has and can share with the rest. HIs tail is unique and nothing can be compared with it. Even cat ball is proud of his tail. Elegance of it is hidden in the small tail. 
Kids toy "Cat ball"-4Cat ball tries to eat less sugar, thus he is so slim and light. He does not need anything except of his tail to roll. 
Cat ball is a cool person. And you will not be bored if you meet him at least once. Kids toy "Cat ball"-2Remember, cat ball can roll, but never plays baseball with its head. It is touchy and can get upset when it is upside down.