Friday, February 27, 2015

Bijouterie that makes your day happier

This time another fascinating jewelry store is in the spotlight! It is the "HappyDayJewelry"!

Ivana, owner of the store, is an economist, but she dared to dedicate her life to what she really loves - to her passion, which is handcrafting and jewelry. And the day, when she made it her primary job, was the happiest day of her life, as she remembers. So appeared the name of the jewelry shop "HappyDayJewelry". And now Ivana makes more people happy - with her works.

In her store we can find pretty necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches. As materials Ivana mostly uses glass pearls, beads, zircon, crystals and leather. 

Let's take our time to look at some of her beautiful creations!

Big colorful necklace

This is big handmade collar-necklace, Ivana made only in one piece, unique, in great combination of different colors. It is very comfortable piece, with double back, and the edges are beaded with glass pearls.

Green embroidered bracelet
Green Embroidered Bracelet, Unique Bracelet, Chunky Bracelet, Green Beads Bracelet, Leather Bracelet, Spring Jewelry, Statement Bracelet
This is handmade unique bracelet, embroidered on leather base with tiny green beads. The entire surface is embroidered with miniature beads and czech crystals. It's base is in white leather while the back is beige leather.

This is women beaded embroidery purple necklace. It is embroidered with tiny beads, pearls, zircons.
Adjustable in length, with clasp on the chain. The necklace is in playful purple tones, and for its shape I was inspired by butterfly wings. 

Baby blue fabric necklace, Braided Necklace, African Necklace, Fabric Choker, Braided Jewelry, Fabric Necklace, Unique Necklaces for Women
This is big light blue necklace. Attractive and modern designed..
Lovely light blue colors, with glitter and a pendant on the left side that giving it an irresistible charm. Necklace is big, warmy and stands high-necked, while it is very comfortable to wear because it is made from cotton machine-knitted tape.

Soutache hand made earrings, Rose earrings, Blue Swarovski crystals, Woman earrings, Unique earrings, Rose soutache earrings, Gift ideas
Lovely rose earrings made of soutache tape, blue swarovski crystals and blue tiny glass pearls. It has large silver plated hooks.

All the pieces are truly gorgeous and I think it is great, that Ivana chose the way of jewelry handcrafter. And I look forward to seeing more of her amazing works in nearest future!

The Spirit of gems by Anne Springer!:)

Searching through the Etsy I find spectacular seller. Her name is Anne Springer from Minneapolis, USA.
Here is her story, that really impressed me!

"I am a nature inspired artist who LOVES everything rocks and trees! In turn, I've been given a gift working with gemstones, crystals, and wire wrapping. I am only there to put it all together- the gemstones work their magic, while the wire twists itself up into a unique form!

I am a student of everything healing: Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, Color Therapy, Energy Healing and Animal Healing. I fully believe in the art of alternative healing techniques: if you allow yourself to believe, you can help yourself heal.

I want to help others heal, feel inspired and empowered, through my work. All of my pieces are infused with special healing energies and a unique mantra. For those of you who do not practice alternative healing, you will still greatly appreciate, and enjoy, my work!"

Trees are a symbol of wisdom and strength. They promote abundance, good health and growth. The roots symbolize stability. The crystal leaves help you branch out and flourish. The tree energies positively enhance all environments that they are placed in. They also serve as good luck for couples being married.

Anne creates all of her gem trees using only real semi-precious gem chips and crystal rock bases. Each gem tree is infused with a special energy, giving it a very unique personality. She is the original artist of this type of gem tree, along with the unique sprawling roots design. She typically do NOT use glue to hold the gem tree onto the base unless her secret method doesn't hold securely.

And there are few of them

Gemstone TREE WIRE SCULPTURE Colored Howlite on Orange Calcite Rock

Gemstone TREE WIRE SCULPTURE Colored Howlite on Orange Calcite Rock - Tree Home Decor, Reiki Energy Healing, Yoga Gifts

Wire Wrapped Tree Gemstone

Tree of Life Necklace Multi Color HOWLITE Wire Pendant - Wire Wrapped Tree Gemstone - Healing Jewelry, Reiki Energy, Yoga Gifts

Spring Cherry Blossom Tree of Life Necklace STRAWBERRY QUARTZ Wire Pendant

Spring Cherry Blossom Tree of Life Necklace STRAWBERRY QUARTZ Wire Pendant - Wire Wrapped Tree - Healing Jewelry, Reiki Energy, Yoga Gifts

Copper BONSAI WIRE TREE Sculpture Purple Phosphosiderite on Lepidolite Rock Base

Copper BONSAI WIRE TREE Sculpture Purple Phosphosiderite on Lepidolite Rock Base - Tree Home Decor, Reiki Energy Healing, Yoga Gifts

Gorgeous Jewelry and other treasures by Mersiha Strelci

Mersiha is pleasant crafty woman, who lives in Gracanica, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina and there in her workshop she creates all the amazing masterpieces, that I'm going to show you today. She mostly makes jewelry - rings, pendants, outstanding earrings and necklaces, but like any creative person, she's not afraid of experiments. Mersiha also knits, creates beautiful crochet tablecloths and doilies and makes wonderful jewelry boxes. In her works she uses gemstones, Swarovski crystals, Miyuki seed beads, SuperDuo, Tibetan silver, paper napkins, semi precious stones, old newspapers, crochet thread, copper, wire, yarn and other materials. Well, I believe, she can make anything with that kind of arsenal ))
Mersiha's entire house is her creative area - she has workshops in her room, in the kitchen and, well, wherever she goes - she makes that place her workshop. "If I continue to do so, I won't have a place to live" - she jokes))

Mersiha at her workplace

Mersiha believes, that jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that can make anyone feel unique! And I can't but agree with her on that. Especially, when I know that all her creations are unique and made with love and passion.

So now let's just enjoy the beauty together!

These earrings are made of azurite-malachite beads, gold plated spacer beads, gold plated bead caps and gold plated earring hooks. The hooks are nickel-free and does not cause allergies. Gorgeous, what else can I say?

Azurite-malachite beads

And now look at this adorable handmade genuine amber bracelet. What girl would not like to get a gift like this one?

Amber bracelet
amber bracelet

These earrings are made of colorful MOP, Tibetan silver spacer beads and bead caps.

Colorful MOP earrings
Colorful MOP earrings, Statement earrings, Dangle earrings, Earrings for her, Statement jewelry, Gift for her, Special gift

Mersiha loves beadwork! This is her new beaded elegant and feminine pendant.
To create this lovely piece of jewelry she used swarovski rivoli 18mm, piggy beads, SuperDuo, Swarovski bicones 3mm, Swarovski rondelle 3x4mm, tiny drop beads and Miyuki seed beads.

Elegant beaded pendant
beaded pendant

Next masteriece is a bracelet with Swarovski crystals and Miyuki seed beads.

Beaded statement bracelet
Beaded bracelet made of Swarovski crystal, Beadwork, Crystal bracelet, Statement bracelet, Bracelet for her, Gift for her

To made this stunning ring Mersiha used copper wire, onyx, turquoise and imperial jasper and lots of imagination, of course. This unique ring is an outstanding work of art!

Copper wire wrapped ring with natural stones

Remember, I told you about jewelry boxes? Here is obe good example. Mersiha made this small pannikin of old newspaper. She have embellished it with paper napkin and lace of golden color and then varnished it with water based varnish.
You can use it as your home decor and to put some small pieces of jewelry inside or some other small things. This pannikin is durable and water resistant.

Handcrafted small pannikin

And here is one of Mersiha's workplaces, where all the amazing things are created.

Workshop of true artisan

Wonderful handmade things created by talented artisans

I want to share with you some works created by talented family from Seattle, USA.

Here is their story

"My name is Garrett Osborn. Proud husband and father. My wife and I couldn't afford babysitters, so we had to work different shifts, so one of us was always at home. Well it put a lot of stress on us and the kids, that's when we realized something had to change.
We needed to be whole again, a real family unit.
Starting our own business seemed like the only real option, what better way for us to work, make money, and still be together.
Thanks to the power of the internet, and Etsy, Makana Pendants was born.
So with the help of my wife (Hilary), my favorite and most helpful daughter (Fiona), and our infant son (Eli), We plan to make our Business and Dream a Reality!"

Hematite Iris Ring

Hematite is an iron ore highly popular in bead and jewelry designs. Nearly all Hematite jewelry on the market is man made materials, but are still an iron ore and have the same chemical make up as natural hematite. The name Hematite stems from the Greek word "Haem" for blood as natural hematite holds a reddish tint, while commercially available hematite jewelry does not. Hematite has been used for eons, even by pre-historic man for cave paintings. Man Made Hematite is often magnetized and used in magnetic therapy jewelry.

Iris ring

Heart Pendant Purple Flower Lampwork 
Gorgeous Lampwork Heart Pendant with 3D looking Purple Flower. Very pleasing to the eye. Truly Mesmerizing!
Shape: Heart with inner Purple Flower
Color: Pinks, Purple, Gold, and Black
Material: Glass
Weight: 16.2g

Heart pendant

1 Heart Pendant Purple Flower Lampwork 31x40mm - Free Combined Shipping

Metal Infinity Link With Crystal Rhinestone Silver
Extremely Gorgeous Infinity Link With Crystal Rhinestone, if only I was a better photographer to show how pretty these really are.

Color: Silver
Finish: Metallic
Material: Zinc-Alloy With Crystal Rhinestones - Lead-Safe

1 Metal Infinity Link With Crystal Rhinestone Silver 16x49mm - Free Combined Shipping

2 Rondell With Rose Aurora Borealis Finish Rhinestone Silver
Wow, these Rhinestone Rondelles are Gorgeous!
Rondell With Rose Aurora Borealis Finish Rhinestone
Silver Colored
Material is Leaded Glass Crystal and Base Metal.
Weight is around 1.5g each


2 Rondell With Rose Aurora Borealis Finish Rhinestone Silver 10mm - Free Combined Shipping


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Paintings to have some fun!:)

This is the blog about one wonderful women from USA, California. Her name is Linda Fabrizius.
And that is what she wrote about her.

"I love drawing, using my imagination and humor in all that I do. I have an amazing and funny family that I get a lot of my ideas from! Doing Caricatures, cartoons or anything that people want me to draw is one of the best parts of my day, everyday! I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and help you come up with a unique, hand-drawn original caricature, illustration or anything that you want or need. You'll have a fun time helping me come up with a perfect one of a kind gift for you!"

Looking through her amazing art works I want to share them with others.

Caricature of "It's Great to be Retired!"

This custom caricature is a 11x14. It was commissioned by the daughter for her parents that decided to retire in Las Vegas. The loved playing the poker machines everyday! If they could have, they would have brought, her recliner, his recliner and three TV's. One to watch NASCAR, one to watch "Days of our Lives" and the Dodgers or 49er's. Depending on what season it was.

This was her Christmas present to them. She looked around for months for a great gift for them, but they had everything and didn't like most things. So she found me! I worked with her for a couple of weeks for this caricature.


Caricature of  "It's Great to be Retired!" I would love to do a caricature for you too! Visit my shop and let's get started!

Caricature of, "Hey, I'm a T-Rex!"

This custom caricature is a 8 1/2x11 that was commissioned by poor picked on, T-Rex's wife. He loved stomping around the front lobby of his business acting like he was a T-Rex, sound effects included. This caricature was part of a 50th surprise birthday party with a, T-Rex theme of course! How many 50 year olds have a T-rex party?
Caricature of, "Hey, I'm a T-Rex!"

CARICATURE of, "I Can Do Anything, I'm Wonder-woman"!

This custom caricature was an 8 1/2x11. It was commissioned by "Wonder-woman's " big sister. She wanted to give her little sister something very special to show her how strong she is, as she's battling Breast Cancer. I feel very fortunate to have met her. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out! She goes out of her way to make other patients that are going through chemo with her, feel better and to make sure to help keep their spirits up! 

CARICATURE of, "I Can Do Anything, I'm Wonder-woman"! Please visit my shop and let me do a caricature for you too!

Amazing Einstein Print

 This is a pencil drawing Linda did, that she now makes prints of. If you have someone that you love or someone that inspires you, she would love to draw you an original piece. 


Amazing Einstein Print

Inspirational paintings from talented artist.

The author of these awesome paintings Elisaveta Sivas is a full time artist and designer and she is working in few different artistic fields: painting, ceramics, women dress, theatrical costume.
All the items in her shop are created, designed and made by Elisaveta herself from the beginning to the end with love and care.

Original ink sketch Swans

Wild geese original line drawing.
A simple and beautiful way to decorate your home or to make an original present.

A drawing from my birds series. The author always admires birds. They are graceful and elegant, flying free where they like. That's why she loves to draw birds. These swans have found their swan lake.

Drawing by hand on drawing paper.
Brown pen, permanent ink marker, drawing paper
7,5 x 11,8' (19 x 30 cm)


Original ink sketch SWANS // hand drawings by Elisaveta Sivas // 7,5 x 11,8'


This original pen sketch belongs to her series of motherhood drawings. She  believes that motherhood is a very important, delicate and beautiful part of women's nature. With these drawings She wants to offer to the world an image of woman-mother. Also She wants to remind people about the importance of natural breast feeding, so the new mothers could live this beautiful period of love and intimacy with their babies.

This drawing is a unique piece of art. It can become a nice decoration for your home or an original gift to a special person.

Drawing by hand on drawing paper.
Pen, permanent ink marker, drawing paper
5,9 x 7,9' (15 x 20 cm)
Ink drawing MOTHER AND BABY // natural breast feeding // motherhood art // 5,9 x 7,9'

Original sketch DANCER

Drawing dancers is a beautiful way to study movements of the human body. Also she adores dancer's grace and elegance.

This drawing is a unique piece of art. She sells only originals, no prints. Elisaveta  believe that the originals are much nicer and bring the energy of the artist. So each piece in her shop is a unique creation and could become a nice decoration for your home or an original gift to a special person.

Drawing by hand on drawing paper.
Pen, permanent ink marker, drawing paper
5,5 x 7,5' (14,7 x 19,6 cm)

Original sketch DANCER // modern line drawing by Elisaveta Sivas // 5,5 x 7,5'

Original oil painting WOMAN PORTRAIT

This is a portrait of an oriental beauty, woman with Cypriot traditional "lefkaritika" style clothing. It's the authors vision of traditional lace costume. This is a unique, one of a kind piece of art, it could be a nice decoration for your home or a unique present to a special person.

Original oil painting WOMAN PORTRAIT, canvas art, feminine art, portrait art, original art, modern artwork, oil on canvas by Elisaveta Sivas

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wonderful beaded jewelry made by Romanian artisan

Handmade blue beaded belt

Beautiful glamorous waves will accentuate your waist and will complete your outfit in a special way.

Materials: agate cabochon, black goldstone spheres, opalite, glass crystals, glass beads, elastic, felt . All elements are sewed, not glued. The belt is backed with felt.

Length : adjustable between 35.43 and 51.57 inches (between 90 and 131 cm), unfolded.

Handmade jewelry belt.
Unique beaded belt

  Glamour Waves Belt, handmade belt, blue belt, black belt, beaded belt, bead embroidery, beadwork art, fire art

Handmade Aquarius beaded necklace

It is said that people born under the sign of Aquarius are progressive, eager to express their ideas and have a highly developed imagination. They appreciate the modern way of life, love the society and they sparkle in it.

With the pendant, you will receive the earrings from the last photo.

Materials: reconstructed turquoise, silver plated wire, glass crystal, glass beads, felt.


Fierce dragon ring

The author has tried to make a scary dragon head. She portrayed him with long, bloody teeth, as he just teared apart his prey, big nostrils to sniff out the unlucky ones who oppose him...His red eyes cannot wait to target the ones who makes you sad .....

Materials: polymer clay , wire, silvered wire.

She constructed the dragon head from wire (to make it resistant) and polymer clay, in multiple layers of wire and polymer clay.

Size: Adjustable


  • Beaded ring

    This ring in happy colors will enlighten your day. :)

    Materials: howlite cabochon, glass beads.

    Size: Adjustable

    Handmade jewelry.



  • Beautiful adornments from wonderful turkish artisan Gulsen

    Red heart long crochet earrings

    The handcrafted red hearts are embellished with mother of pearl flat heart, dangling from silver plated ear wires.

    The earrings dimention is lenght 6 cm and width around 3 cm
    Material used is
    50%wool 50%acrylic yarn of first choice
    mother of pearls flat heart shape
    round pearls
    silver brass chain
    silver plated ear wires.

    Crochet earrings

    Beaded Collar Necklace

    The collar designed by author herself ! Black Felt cut according designed pattern and embellished with quality metal seed beads and brass flat mesh chain.
    Inner collar is embroidered with silver plated brass chain, going across the neck to finish the
    back closing with trigger clasp.
    Adjustable with extension chain of 2"

    Such colar necklace make the woman feels unique with this gorgeous bib necklace, and it can be combined with any outfit, whether with a pair of jeans or an elegant dress.

    Embroidered Bib Necklace

    Beaded Collar Necklace,Unique Design,Brass Chain,Navy Metal Seed Beads,Embroidered Bib Necklace,Beadwork Jewelry,Woman's Accessory,For Her

    Pearl Wedding Necklace

    Stunning Wedding Necklace for the Bride,Mother of the Bride,for the Braidesmaid or for the Mother in Low.

    Wonderful finish and secure beading.Complete your Wedding Dress with this handmade Never ending Love Pearl Collar.

    Necklace shape is beadwoven with first quality white glass pearls and fishline.
    Closing is done with gold plated chain ending with trigger clasp and extension chain 2'
    The gold chain can be replaced to silver plated chain.Please choose your obtion.
    Light weight.

    Statement Wedding Necklace

    Pearl Collar Necklace for the Bride,Wedding Jewelry,Pearl Wedding Necklace,Statement Wedding Necklace,Bridesmaid Jewelry,Gift for the Bride

    Handmade black nickel chain necklace

    Chic Black Felted Three Row Bib Necklace made to go with any outfit.
    Two rows of black nickel chain and one row of round cut black felt embellished with black faceted acrylic round wide beads surrounded with black crystal rhinestone chain.
    Round faceted black beads are sewn on beads of first choice.
    Upon request felt can be changed to suede fabric. Made to orders are welcome.
    No underlining.

    This statement necklace is finished with black nickel chain closure ending with silver plated trigger clasp.
    Handmade with love.

    Black felted bib necklace
    three row necklace,black felted bib necklace,rhinestone chain choker,statement necklace,handmade,black nickel chain necklace,trendy fashion

    Tuesday, February 24, 2015

    Wonderful handmade Easter decor

    A nice creation of talented artisan from Greece. 

    These painted eggs will be a nice Easter decoration.

    Heart easter eggs

    Heart easter eggs

    Painted Easter eggs
    Set of 5 wood eggs decoupaged with beautiful heartsand other motifs.
    Each egg is 2.36"(6cm) long and 4.92" (4.92cm)in perimeter.
    For durability purposes the eggs has been varnished.
    The care for it wipe with a dry clean cloth,do not immerse in water

    Butterflies easter eggs

    Butterflies easter eggs

    Easter egg

    Set of 5 wood eggs decoupaged with beautiful butterflies in white and golden decor.
    Each egg is 2.36"(6cm) long and 4.92" (4.92cm)in perimeter.
    For durability purposes the eggs has been varnished.
    The care for it wipe with a dry clean cloth,do not immerse in water

    Red roses easter eggs

    Decoupaged eggs
    Set of 4 wood eggs decoupaged with beautiful red roses.
    Each egg is 2.36"(6cm) long and 4.92" (4.92cm)in perimeter.
    For durability purposes the eggs has been varnished.
    The care for it wipe with a dry clean cloth,do not immerse in water.

    Pink roses easter eggs

    Pink roses easter eggs

    Pink Easter eggs

    Set of 6 wood eggs decoupaged with beautiful softly colored of roses pink and green.
    Each egg is 2.36"(6cm) long and 4.92" (4.92cm)in perimeter.
    For durability purposes the eggs has been varnished.
    The care for it wipe with a dry clean cloth,do not immerse in water.                  

    Monday, February 23, 2015

    Unusual silver and brass adornments for women.

    German silver ring

    The ring is made of German silver and enamelled copper plate. If you are going on vacation at the sea take the ring with you. Ring looks great with dresses in marine style.
    Silver ring

    German silver ring

    Wire wrap pendant and earrings

    Pendant and earrings are made of copper using wire wrap technique. They are decorated with natural tiger's eye stone. Unusual accessories made of twisted copper wire are a good present for your wife on her birthday. Girls love beautiful and unusual jewelry. This item is fully handmade.

    Handmade pendant in wire wrap technique.

    Wire wrap pendant and earrings

    Silver pendant "Ducat"

    This jewelry item is made from sterling silver. It is made on the basis of real ancient coin decorated with the elements of ornamental forging. This pendant is called Ducat and it is a traditional decoration of Ukrainian women's costume. The product is fully handmade and decorated with semi precious stone - garnet.

    Length: 1.97", width: 1.18", height: 0.01", weight: 0.03 lb. Length: 5.5 cm, width: 3 cm, height: 0.2 cm, weight: 0.015 kg.

    The pendant is a universal jewelry, which the modern woman can't do without. It will add some feminity to your look and will emphasize your individual style.

    Recommendations for care: keep in dry dark place. Clean with the use of special cleaning agents for jewelry only. Wipe with a piece of soft suede fabric.

    Silver pendant

      Silver pendant "Ducat"

    Earrings "Argo" with turquoise

    Handmade earrings are made ​​of an alloy of aluminum, zinc and copper. Earrings are covered with silver-plated and decorated with cabochon turquoise. This decoration will be the highlight of your inimitable look!

    Silver earrings

    Earrings "Argo" with turquoise

    Unusual homemade necklace

    This handmade unusual necklace is made of braided synthetic cord and decorated with metal nuts. If you are the adherent of futuristic style in clothes, this accessory will suit your look as well as possible.
    I can make the product of various sizes and colors to your order. Length of the jewelry can be regulated.

    Metal necklace

    Unusual homemade necklace


    Friday, February 20, 2015

    Lovely and romantic head wreath

    Head Wreath "Peonies"

    This wreath "Peonies", headband is an elegant accessory in the form of gentle flowers - peonies. Such wreath can become wedding decoration for a bride or serve for other not less significant events.
    The wreath is made by hand from artificial berries and velor. It will be a good gift for your girlfriend or sister.

    Headband with artificial flowers and apples

    This handmade headband is made of a metal frame, artificial flowers and decorative apples. This effective accessory is simply irreplaceable if you need to create an original ethnic look for a photo shoot.

    Headband with flowers

    This headband with a plastic frame is decorated with a floristic ribbon and artificial berries of mespilus and bilberry. Berries look like natural. The headband will make you the real forest beauty!

    Beautiful wreath made of artificial flowers

    This beautiful ethnic wreath is made of artificial textile flowers fixed on the basis made of elastic band. The product is decorated with satin ribbons. The wreath will allow you to make your look unrecognizable.