Monday, April 27, 2015

What kind of Fairy are you?

1. She is a girl. Do not even try to look like a fairy if you are a boy.

2. She is always busy and has a lot of work to do. Helping others is among her priorities.

3. Humor is the thing that she is made with. Her wings are necessary for her to relax. From time to time she is nervous and lacks fresh air. That is why she needs them for her to be blown by the wind.
4. “Pride and prejudice” was her favorite movie.
Believe her openness and keep her face forever with this fairious mirror!
5. She will kick your ass definitely if you try to touch her, and you will not know even who did that because she is intelligent and has a connection with an exactly right source.

6. Copy-paste stuff is not for her. She likes to make things of her own. 

7. She enjoys sleeping, not with men before marriage, of course.

8. She is a reliable person. Nobody can stand it.

9. She understands definitely that life is not a fairytale and she is not a fairy, and there are cameras everywhere recording her. She will kick everybody’s ass later.

10. Every day she is laughing at those who thinks she is stupid and unaware what is going on. Simplicity is her trait of character.
She is not right when she dresses like that. Look how and make her a little gift like this:
11. The “Sponge Bob” was not her favorite cartoon. She prefers bright, colorful landscapes more. Her origin is a dream country, made of honey and milk waters, golden and silver streets.

12. “Mirror, mirror on the wall” is not her motto. She is not that old-fashioned fairy from the cartoon “Cinderella” and 100% not from the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”. She is not concentrated on her hatstyle. At all.

13. Moreover, she likes clean people. She remembers your first tooth in the childhood.

14. Routine she never stands. She flies.
In real life she is like that, got it? Get one here:
15. She doesn’t need an interpreter.She speaks directly.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Handmade Gift in Patchwork Style

So you are thinking of giving a meaningful and soul-warming gift to someone you really care about. You have nothing in particular in mind but an image of something colorful, unique, useful, something that would last and keep the good memory of the special occasion.

For most of us, the word “patchwork” sounds as a synonym for the handmade. We can only wonder how much time and patience is needed to create the items so fancifully designed. Many patchwork craftsmen say that for them their craft is more than just work. It is their philosophy, their lifestory, their passion and their statement of immortality. These people sell their products with hopes that their products will be loved and treasured not just purchased.

Patchwork draws smiles and reminds you of the blissful days of childhood. Touching it gives you pleasant tactile feelings. Looking at its intricate color combinations fills you with joy. If you once hugged a patchwork pillow you will simply resent giving it away!

WarmGiftsShop offers exquisite examples of handmade patchwork art for you and the ones you love:

handmade toys , women's bags , fancy brooches , necklaces, Temari,  and many others.

felt necklace

soft textile toy

textile bag

natural fabric toy

Please, note that all patchwork items are made of natural high-quality fabrics.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

How can they create such awesome handmade crafts..??

I’m eager to share something with you, my dear friends - handmade lovers! I was browsing the web this morning as I usually do, looking for a nice ceramic teapot for my granny. And then I ran into this website, which is totally a place for a handicrafts adorer like me. 
It is called Madeheart and it seems to be some sort of crafters union or an alliance of artisans, who craft tons of amazing stuff.  

ceramic teapot

Looks truly creative and inspiring and many products are really amazing. I’ve ordered a teapot! Look, I’m sure my granny will be happy! I think I gonna bookmark them for further purchases:)

Look at some other cool stuff they have!

Pendant with chrysoprase "Fulfillment of Wishes"

wire wrap pendantPendant with chrysoprase "Fullfillment of Wishes", a wire wrap pendant, which will bring fresh and unusual flavors to your image. Wear it with pleasure with dressy or casual attire. The product is made of copper and chrysoprase in the "wire wrap" technique.

Picture for babies "Bunny"

Picture in a wooden frame in the form of a cheerful bunny clay is decorated with paints. This is an element of decoration which will be important for the child's room. It is a good gift for a child.
funny bunny

Headband "Orchids"

This headband in the form of a wreath is made from artificial flowers on a metal frame. This elegant decoration is for a girl with excellent taste.
flower headband

Bronze pendant "Phoenix"

Author's handmade pendant is made of bronze using casting technique. Phoenix is a symbol of immortality. This bird was burned in the fire, and revived. Wear this pendant as a bronze amulet. This accessory will present you strength and patience in any difficult situation. Just believe in its properties.
bronze pendant

Magic of Black Stone

Jewelry with natural stones become become very popular this time. Especially if it says about black stones.Want to show you a few of my favorites.

Look at this stretch bracelet with shungite 

Bead Bracelet with shungite protects its owner from negative energy. This Shungite Bracelet is decorated with delicate fittings. Bead Shungite Bracelet is a great present for sister, girlfriend or friend.

black bracelet

Or maybe you will be interested in Bracelet with shungite stone

This bracelet with shungite stone concentrates energy that is useful to its owner and eliminates everything that can do much harm to him. Those bracelets are designed to bring happiness and good luck to their owners.

bracelet with stones

To match the ensemble you may try this dangle earrings

crystal earrings

natural stone earrings

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Decorative crosses on the edge of glory

Gorgeous crosses improve your life, transform it and are the tools to guide it to the right direction. Gracious lines and curves are always able to reassure your inner self that you are going your way. Simplicity and uniqueness makes these crosses fit your outlook best.
A tsunami of compliments is ready to fall on your modest personality. A wide range of possibilities is open for those who choose the cross way. Jesus knew it and suggested Himself to be a sacrifice instead of us. These crosses remind people that His work was completed.
wooden crossPope Francis said:"Easter is coming soon and no way it will be the same next year. Ages change, people change, castles disappear: the only thing that remains is the love of God." There are no guarantees in this life, no assurances are working. The hope of this world can only be in the form of the handmade cross that you hold next to your heart. Joy and freedom are nowadays trends. Fashion says “yes” to crosses. It’s up to you whether to carry it or not.
Any obstacles can be overcome. You just have to believe.
wooden cross with carving
wall crucifix
 Pectoral wooden cross

Friday, April 3, 2015

Slow down for your own sake!

When everyone is obsessed with quantity, productivity, numbers and KPI – ten minutes spent in meditation, observation, or contemplation seem like a crime against modern lifestyle. But sometimes you just need to set your life to a different speed and values. 
 Try yourself in one of the many handicrafts: crocheting, scrapbooking, decoupage, carving, wire wrapping, patchwork – to name a few. Taking up a hobby in handcrafting is a true shift from consumerism to creativity!
pottery handmade

piano garden

clay cettle, ceramic kettle

anniversary gift

wire wrap

jewelry making