Tuesday, October 6, 2015


..Trick and treating,
From door to door,
Not enough sweets,
I must have more!!!
Bwa-ha-ha! :)

Guys, All Hallows Evening is coming soon, so, without much words, we prepared for you the best stuff to get you in the Halloween spirit!

#5 of our “Horror Top List” – an amazingly stylish bow tie.
This is a perfect accessory for the Halloween party!
Like they say, the essence is in details :)

halloween bow tie

#4 Cool leather passport cover with skull on it
Everyone’s waiting for the next surprise,
skeleton Jack might catch you in the eye!
Seriously, if you want to pass through the bouncer at the Halloween party, you’ll definitely need the coolest cover for your docs! Be prepared!

leather cover for documents

#3 of our “Hit Parade” is Cute Black Cats.
You need to be awesome this night, so these cats will become a jewelry #1, which will complement your “fearful” look.

black cats earrings

#2 Yep! How can we celebrate without the main attribute of All Hallows Evening?
A knitted toy pumpkin is our winner in the nomination
“Best home decoration for Halloween”!

halloween pumpkins

And…#1 Enigmatic Celtic Skull for eccentric things lovers.
Keep the most precious stuffs in it.

halloween party accessories

Happy Halloween Guys!

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