Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bronze armory for men

I have heard many times from my women friends that they are disappointed by men. Many women complain of lack of help and care from their husbands, boyfriends and even sons. With the feminist movement growing stronger and stronger, women are taking on a more and more burden of self-sufficiency, independence and… loneliness. Yes, women fought for their rights and eventually gained lots of them. Yet, they are often deprived of trustworthy and firm men’s arms around their slender waists. Women fought for equality and eventually grew stronger than men. In this fight, healthy masculinity was sacrificed. And we are now feeling this imbalance between feminine and masculine, between yin and yang. Mothers often repeat to their sons: don’t fight, don’t run, don’t go there, don’t touch this, don’t jump – or you will hurt yourself. And then the same mothers are surprised why their sons grew so helpless, indifferent and flabby.

When author creating her bronze accessories, she always imagine free, strong, ambitious, and determined men who will wear them. She creates meaningful objects that have a philosophical and mythical background. She honestly believes that each item will bring to its owner a feeling of his healthy masculinity, a belief in his own strengths and a pride for his personality.

Please, consider this collection of bronze armory pendants for your beloved men. I imagine one of these items as a present for a boy, somebody’s son. There is a picture in my mind – a bronze sword on a black leather lace on the white skin of the boy’s neck. And then I imagine this boy growing into a daring youth, wearing the pendant under his T-shirt. And then the youth is turning into a man. And he still wears the same bronze sword, but his chest has grown wider and stronger, and his power and will are greater…

In this collection you will find armors from different cultures: Scandinavian, Celtic, Japanese and Slavic. In Buddhism a sword symbolizes the insight that cuts any ignorance. The poleaxe of Perun, a Slavic God of thunder, is a traditional Slavic accessory for a soldier. It is considered to bestow its owner with the power necessary to fight against various troubles.

Dear women, do not be afraid to let your men be warriors, in the best and most respectful sense of this word. Let them be knights, bread-makers, cavaliers, protectors and guards of your families. Believe in your men and they will make you proud of them!

Bronze Celtic Axe

Neck Pendant "Japanese Arrow"

Seal ring "Viking"

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