Monday, April 27, 2015

What kind of Fairy are you?

1. She is a girl. Do not even try to look like a fairy if you are a boy.

2. She is always busy and has a lot of work to do. Helping others is among her priorities.

3. Humor is the thing that she is made with. Her wings are necessary for her to relax. From time to time she is nervous and lacks fresh air. That is why she needs them for her to be blown by the wind.
4. “Pride and prejudice” was her favorite movie.
Believe her openness and keep her face forever with this fairious mirror!
5. She will kick your ass definitely if you try to touch her, and you will not know even who did that because she is intelligent and has a connection with an exactly right source.

6. Copy-paste stuff is not for her. She likes to make things of her own. 

7. She enjoys sleeping, not with men before marriage, of course.

8. She is a reliable person. Nobody can stand it.

9. She understands definitely that life is not a fairytale and she is not a fairy, and there are cameras everywhere recording her. She will kick everybody’s ass later.

10. Every day she is laughing at those who thinks she is stupid and unaware what is going on. Simplicity is her trait of character.
She is not right when she dresses like that. Look how and make her a little gift like this:
11. The “Sponge Bob” was not her favorite cartoon. She prefers bright, colorful landscapes more. Her origin is a dream country, made of honey and milk waters, golden and silver streets.

12. “Mirror, mirror on the wall” is not her motto. She is not that old-fashioned fairy from the cartoon “Cinderella” and 100% not from the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”. She is not concentrated on her hatstyle. At all.

13. Moreover, she likes clean people. She remembers your first tooth in the childhood.

14. Routine she never stands. She flies.
In real life she is like that, got it? Get one here:
15. She doesn’t need an interpreter.She speaks directly.

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