Monday, July 13, 2015

Eco Friendly Kitchen Tools for a Happy Cook

    There may be dozens of interior design styles for kitchens, but some of them are more associated with Home in the stereotypical and the traditional understanding of this notion. Kitchens in Provence, ethnic and country styles remind us of the good old Home as it is usually pictured in old family photographs, fairytales, romantic novels and Hollywood dramas.
    So let’s see what makes these styles so dear to us? How is this atmosphere of a warm hearth and cosiness created?
    We are sure that the woman is the main creator of her kitchen. A happy woman will make a great kitchen. In her work she needs hundreds of small things to help her reign in her kingdom (or it is a queendom, in our case?) All these innumerable kitchen utensils from toothpicks to ovens make the army of the cook in the battle for a tasty dinner.
    Small things make the difference. This is proven by the life experience. Choose them with all the responsibility! We know that eco friendly kitchen tools are the best choice for every cook. Not only are they made of natural materials but also they are naturally beautiful and will suit any kitchen in Provence, ethnic and country design. Let’s see…
provence kitchen
   When you see this kitchen you feel how relaxed and light-hearted you could be in it, don’t’ you? Wooden kitchen utensils are must-haves in a kitchen in provence style: cutting boards, wooden spatulas and spoons, heat protection kitchen pads. Happiness lives in this kitchen and hides amongst the decorated bottles for olive oil or vinegar, brightly painted ceramic teapots and jars, vases with herbs like lavender, chamomile and mint.
ceramic teapot
    A kitchen in ethnic Japanese design can be decorated with kitchenware made of black smoked ceramics. Minimalism in style and maximalism in practicality, such might be a slogan for these kitchen utensils. Simplicity is a friend of comfort, and comfort is a friend of happiness! Your friend is my friend…

hot pad
    Another kitchen in ethnic style (this time – European) is a right place for eco friendly plates, braided bottles, wooden stands for hot dishes. Imagine yourself making a pot of herbal tea, putting it on a wooden stand for hot and smelling the two aromas: herbal and woody before your tea is brewed. A cook of this kitchen is not rushing in search of happiness. Happiness comes itself to the kitchen attracted by the aromas of freshly backed bread.
painted ceramic jar
    Country style kitchen is the one where Red Hood’s mother was making pasties for the Grandma and the one where Snow White was cooking dinner for the Seven Dwarfs. This is a space filled with traditional handmade kitchenware: rustic textures, ethnic ornaments, natural materials and muted colors. Copper, ceramics, glass, wood and linen and, please, no plastic whatsoever! We would suggest starting a collection of ceramic dishes here. The thing is that there are so many designs of ceramic dishes available that it is close to impossible to buy 6 same dishes and leave the rest to someone else! 
    As you see, equipping your kitchen with eco friendly kitchen tools and dishware is not difficult at all. This process will make you a happier cook, too! What you need is some time and firmness to choose from the many great options.

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