Friday, July 3, 2015

Some DIY ideas of how to attract butterflies to your garden

    This story is about irresistible grace, lightness and beauty in its purest form. About the most ephemeral and incredible creatures in the world, actually they have rightfully won this title.

Gorgeous butterflies!

    That’s it! This is the best inspiration of the Mother Nature and the biggest admiration from all around. Their life is full of wonderful moments and seems to be miraculous. They can tell you all about the flowers, sun and sky, about the wind and transience of life. They know everything about nothing. And even more. Butterflies are so delicate, but at the same time they have martial spirit inside. The lure light has always been their main desire. They will never be afraid to burn. That’s their nature.

    They are so small and brave. The butterfly symbolizes freedom, lightness and a new beginning. There are good grounds for saying, when a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, it can cause a hurricane in another part.

Actually, you can attract butterflies to your garden with a help of 2-3 homemade butterfly feeders.

And what  is cool about it  you can see all this in real, just make sure that you have all to do such a thing.
I’m not kidding, the truth as naked as it comes.

 You might ask how to make butterfly feeder at home? Do you need something special? It is very easy. A mere child could do it, just try! All you need is time and a bit of magic. Also, you can go through  the videos with a diy crafts for garden to smoothen things down you. Create your special homemade butterfly feeder. Do it yourself!  Play with your imagination.

     Look at this butterfly house images! They are so fabulous. Find one perfect for you. Now choose your colors and the loveliest shape for the future masterpiece. Just think, your garden will be full of awesome flying beauty. Is not it wonderful? Find the right place for the butterfly feeder, fill it with fresh flowers. It will be a nice and attractive thing for your future neighbors. Make your garden full of light and coziness. The place where your heart feels stillness, where you can breathe. Let it be amazing!

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