Friday, June 26, 2015

Creative ceramic figurines vs Boredom 4:0

   Boring things are mauvais ton nowadays. Really, we simply cannot afford buying ordinary things. Literally everything – from the toilet paper holder to the cutting board, from the laces on your sneakers to the bed linen – can be found in ingenious designer styles.

   I am sincerely amazed by the unique ceramic ideas that some ceramic designers realize and offer to us. So if you are looking for funny and creative bargains or gifts for any occasion, consider one of ceramic figurines from

   Look at these ceramic collectibles - the family of blue elephants. We cannot deny that they are weird. Very weird, actually. But so undeniably amicable with their wide Hollywood grins! They deserve the sunniest spot in your garden. Imagine how great the elephants wll look on the green grass. Or, you can put them right in the center of the mantelpiece. No one can suspect you in excessive sentimentality!
ceramic elephants
painted ceramic
   Another option to surprise your guests is this painted ceramic moster with bright eyes and ear-locators. 
His spikes reveal his rebellious character. His nose will sniff every mischief planned by your kids. 
Every time you will be passing by this monster and looking at him you will smile to the thought of your own perfection (in comparison with the monster).

ceramic monsters
Have you ever wondered at the power of visualization in pursue of your goals? If one of your goals is to overcome a bad habits of yours, like smoking, foul language or too-many-donats-eating-every-day, imagine this habit as one of these ceramic monsters confined to a cage. 
Ugly, miserable and helpless it is! Look at your imprisoned monster and laugh in its face. Now you are free from it! Let it know its place! It has no more power over you.
ceramic stuff
This is only the beginning in your exploration of the amazing world of bizarre and funny ceramic stuff
Be sure you will find many other cool items to help you fight with boredom and commonness.

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