Thursday, April 16, 2015

How can they create such awesome handmade crafts..??

I’m eager to share something with you, my dear friends - handmade lovers! I was browsing the web this morning as I usually do, looking for a nice ceramic teapot for my granny. And then I ran into this website, which is totally a place for a handicrafts adorer like me. 
It is called Madeheart and it seems to be some sort of crafters union or an alliance of artisans, who craft tons of amazing stuff.  

ceramic teapot

Looks truly creative and inspiring and many products are really amazing. I’ve ordered a teapot! Look, I’m sure my granny will be happy! I think I gonna bookmark them for further purchases:)

Look at some other cool stuff they have!

Pendant with chrysoprase "Fulfillment of Wishes"

wire wrap pendantPendant with chrysoprase "Fullfillment of Wishes", a wire wrap pendant, which will bring fresh and unusual flavors to your image. Wear it with pleasure with dressy or casual attire. The product is made of copper and chrysoprase in the "wire wrap" technique.

Picture for babies "Bunny"

Picture in a wooden frame in the form of a cheerful bunny clay is decorated with paints. This is an element of decoration which will be important for the child's room. It is a good gift for a child.
funny bunny

Headband "Orchids"

This headband in the form of a wreath is made from artificial flowers on a metal frame. This elegant decoration is for a girl with excellent taste.
flower headband

Bronze pendant "Phoenix"

Author's handmade pendant is made of bronze using casting technique. Phoenix is a symbol of immortality. This bird was burned in the fire, and revived. Wear this pendant as a bronze amulet. This accessory will present you strength and patience in any difficult situation. Just believe in its properties.
bronze pendant

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