Thursday, April 16, 2015

Magic of Black Stone

Jewelry with natural stones become become very popular this time. Especially if it says about black stones.Want to show you a few of my favorites.

Look at this stretch bracelet with shungite 

Bead Bracelet with shungite protects its owner from negative energy. This Shungite Bracelet is decorated with delicate fittings. Bead Shungite Bracelet is a great present for sister, girlfriend or friend.

black bracelet

Or maybe you will be interested in Bracelet with shungite stone

This bracelet with shungite stone concentrates energy that is useful to its owner and eliminates everything that can do much harm to him. Those bracelets are designed to bring happiness and good luck to their owners.

bracelet with stones

To match the ensemble you may try this dangle earrings

crystal earrings

natural stone earrings

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