Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Handmade Gift in Patchwork Style

So you are thinking of giving a meaningful and soul-warming gift to someone you really care about. You have nothing in particular in mind but an image of something colorful, unique, useful, something that would last and keep the good memory of the special occasion.

For most of us, the word “patchwork” sounds as a synonym for the handmade. We can only wonder how much time and patience is needed to create the items so fancifully designed. Many patchwork craftsmen say that for them their craft is more than just work. It is their philosophy, their lifestory, their passion and their statement of immortality. These people sell their products with hopes that their products will be loved and treasured not just purchased.

Patchwork draws smiles and reminds you of the blissful days of childhood. Touching it gives you pleasant tactile feelings. Looking at its intricate color combinations fills you with joy. If you once hugged a patchwork pillow you will simply resent giving it away!

WarmGiftsShop offers exquisite examples of handmade patchwork art for you and the ones you love:

handmade toys , women's bags , fancy brooches , necklaces, Temari,  and many others.

felt necklace

soft textile toy

textile bag

natural fabric toy

Please, note that all patchwork items are made of natural high-quality fabrics.

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