Friday, March 20, 2015

Eco friendly toys. Make your life healthier!

Do you really care about your child's health? All toys that I’ve found are Eco friendly. Psychologists and educators all over the world believe: toys for children should be made of natural materials. They are harmless for the child’s health and facilitate harmonious development of its personality. They assist a kid to develop imagination, to bring an idea of material bodies and forms of reality around it.

Wanna show you a few of my findings which I think are “must have”  for every child.

Handmade Pillow Toy "Cheshire Cat"

This handmade pillow is made of cotton, lasting fabric and filled with holofiber. Toy is decorated with satin ribbon. Such handmade pillow can be used as a toy or as decoration of furniture.

pillow cat

Educational wooden toy "Castle"

The educative wooden toy is a constructor. The child is invited to lay down a real castle toy of 84 items. Toy promotes the development of logical and spatial thinking. The product is made of maple wood and larch wood, covered with stains.

wooden toy castle

Soft plush Bear

This plush toy is sewn of cotton and filled with padding polyester. A blue bear with a bow on its neck is a great handmade gift for a little princess. They will make friends and spend a lot of time together.

plush bear

Wooden toy "Truck"

This truck toy made of beech wood is an excellent entertainment for your child. It is carefully ground and isn't covered with anything. Your kid will be able to paint this truck to his liking!

wooden toy


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