Friday, March 20, 2015

Turquoise jewelry – the inspiration of Blue

I found wonderful Womens jewelry on Etsy made of  turquoise. They are prompting me about summer and seaside. The artisan who made this nice turquoise jewelry also made autor's jewelry beads, necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches related to every zodiac sign.

Look at this elastic band bracelet with turquoise and pendants 

This turquoise bracelet with pendants will cheer you up and bring the memories of the sea. It is believed that turquoise brings happiness in family life and in love.

turquoise bracelet

Aquamarine Beads Necklace

This amazing aquamarine necklace is embellished with beads. They say that aquamarine can tame the raging sea. Stone is associated with beautiful legends and tales. Aquamarine is the mascot of loyalty in love and friendship. Such beads necklace is a pleasure to wear, because it is special. 

aquamarine necklace

Dangle earrings "Eastern fairy tale"

These long dangle earrings call remind about eastern fairy tales and mysterious Persian belles. You can adorn yourself with the latest fashion on a first date and you'll have for sure a thousand and one nights of unforgettable pleasures. The product is made manually of metal fittings and glass beads.

blue dangle earrings

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