Tuesday, June 9, 2015

12 Most Common Misconceptions About Handmade

1. Handmade products are for the poor.
Actually, if you are looking for a status thing, you would not be able to opt a Chanel handbag for a handcrafted handbag. Handmade accessories say nothing about the size of your purse, they signify that you have more creativity, courage and individual taste than the average.
handcrafted handbag

2. Handmade products are for the rich.
In fact, you can find handmade products of all price ranges, most of them are more than affordable.

3. Handmade products are of poor quality.
Conscientious artisans will never afford themselves selling a product of a low quality. A couple of such neglects can cost them their reputation and profit.
4. Handmade products are not fashionable.
“Fashion comes and goes, but the style is eternal,” Yves Saint Laurent said once. Even great designers agree that trying to follow fashion trends is a pursuit for the ephemeral. Don’t try to be fashionable, try to find your own style! Handmade accessories can emphasize your individuality.
metal accessorize

5. Handmade products are only for women.
Men can shop for exclusive men’s jewelry and accessories like designer bow tiecufflinks, canes, ties, bow ties, belts, wallets, notebooks, bags and other stuff.
designer bow tie

6. Handmade products are primitive.
Primitive is if you still buy postcards in your local supermarket. Handmade products can be laconic, but not primitive. The production of most things is an elaborate process that demands lots of patience, artistic taste, skills, preparation and originality.

7. Handmade products come exclusively from the countries of the Third World.
Did you know that the majority of the most successful sellers at Etsy come from the USA and Canada?
8. “Handmade” products are actually manufactured in China.
You will be amazed to know how many local artisans work in your neighborhood. They are usually united in a strong community. They provide support to each other, offer classes and exchange experience.
handmade soap

9. Handmade products are boring.
Almost never. Get rid of the stereotypical image of handmade as of your granny’s knitted socks. Some handmade creations blow your mind (in a positive meaning)!

10. Handmade means vintage.
Nope. Some handmade is ultra-modern!
11. Handmade is a name of one style.
There exist dozens of handmade techniques!
DIY ideas

12. Handmade products are for decoration only.
Handmade is more than sweet angel statuettes! If you think so, you probably haven’t heard of handmade soap, bags, furniture, ware, clothes hangers and so on and so forth. Yes, all these products are beautiful, but their beauty doesn’t diminish their utility.
home decor

Now that we have proved all these misconceptions groundless – you can shop for handmade products and enjoy the process and the result!

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