Monday, June 15, 2015

Original Bronze Jewelry For Your Feminine Look

   When you see bronze jewelry you feel that besides style it has got a character. You understand that this not knick-krackery, but symbolic statements of your tastes and passions.
   Look at this handmade metal ring. Its simplicity speaks for itself: I do not need any adornments, I only wish a pinch of elegance.
   The Kamasutra bronze pendant is far from being a trinket. It is meant for an audacious woman who is self-assured, free of stereotypes and ready to accentuate her sexuality.
   The textured ring with mysterious lines will add an aura of enigma to your image. “What do these lines mean?”, they will be asking you. Bestow them with a mysterious smile and keep your secret!
   The pendant with yin-yang cats can set you in the right mood for reaching the balance and the harmony between the feminine and the masculine parts of your personality.
   The bronze pendant dragon heart serves as a univocal signal that you are not a sweet marshmallow girl, but a person with burning passions in your heart: “Behave well and I will share my fire with you”.
   The bronze pendant "Phoenix bird powers" is an infallible choice if you would like to draw good luck and all the best powers to you (as well as attention to your beautiful low neck, too).
   The art of wearing jewelry consists of two stages. First, you have to choose that very one item from the thousands of them available on sale. Second, you have to choose matching clothes. (When you shop for clothes, it is the other way round, of course.) Remember, that a wrong choice at either stage will reduce to zero the value of each of the parts of the match.
   So what kind of clothes can be adorned with bronze jewelry? In my point of view, dresses are the best choice. Bronze looks great with green, dark red, yellow and white color. Mustard hue and the hues of brown (chocolate, coffee, caramel, cinnamon – are not just words starting with “c” and not my  favorite treats, though they actually are! – to name but a few of them) are also among the favorable combinations with bronze.
Look for dresses of the casual, ethnic and romantic styles with free airy silhouettes, made of natural cloths like linen, silk and cotton.
   Are you still looking for an excuse for being feminine this summer? Find the most beautiful dress in your closet with a matching pair of shoes, do your hair chic and gorgeous, and accentuate your femininity with an original bronze jewelry item from BronzeCentury.

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