Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Who wants to play the best cat toys ever? :)

Kids toy "Cat ball"-1
Crochet Cat Ball is independent person. He lives without hands and legs and still is happy. No one knows that he was born this way. Forget the stereotypes, he never cries, such happy he is. No tears are in his soul too. Cat ball is unlike the rest. His skin is knitted with strips on it. Different colors of lines. His skin is colored but it does not mean that he is not of this world. He is wonderful prodigy who always brings a sun ray to the room when he rolls in. 
Kids toy "Cat ball"-3
Little tail is on his back. It symbolizes something special that he has and can share with the rest. HIs tail is unique and nothing can be compared with it. Even cat ball is proud of his tail. Elegance of it is hidden in the small tail. 
Kids toy "Cat ball"-4Cat ball tries to eat less sugar, thus he is so slim and light. He does not need anything except of his tail to roll. 
Cat ball is a cool person. And you will not be bored if you meet him at least once. Kids toy "Cat ball"-2Remember, cat ball can roll, but never plays baseball with its head. It is touchy and can get upset when it is upside down.

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