Thursday, June 4, 2015

TOP 10 wise tips for saving money!

"I must buy this dress right now!" - "The 10th pair of shoes, so what? I need a new one!" - "I have nothing to wear again" Sounds like a step-by-step guide on how to be a lady. I'm kidding! We are all the same, even if trying to hide our truth. We are women. And it’s impossible to change us. And we are keen on shopping. This is one of the biggest passion for some of us. We can spend hours on walking in the shopping mall and buy absolutely nothing. Moreover, we are always in search of the best discounts. This is the way we are. All this is because we wish to learn how to shop and spend wisely.
Tell me now: how much money do you spend on shopping per month? Now compare this amount with your "incredible" salary. Funny, isn't it? Anyway, it is impossible to avoid shopping. All of us belong to the circle of consumers and it does not matter if you are a woman or a man. We need to do this, weekly or monthly. That’s why, the main thing to know is how to spend wisely when shopping. In order to make your life more interesting, I've created the list of top 10 wise tips for saving money.

1. Prices of one item can vary greatly in different stores. Compare prices!

2. Use discount coupons in stores you like most of all to save money. Look for coupons and sales!

3. To avoid a scam -  make sure that the online store you are interested in is real. Investigate!

4. Start buying only that you really need. Avoid unplanned purchases!

5. Before shopping decide on a certain amount of money you can afford spending. Know your limits!

6. You can buy Christmas presents beforehand to avoid the rush and new ski gear in summer when the prices are cheaper. Mind the seasons!
yellow winter scarf

7. If you are searching for a perfect pair of shoes, take your time and be totally sure that it will go with something from your wardrobe. Don’t make hasty decisions!

8. Look for something made of natural materials. Such a thing might cost a little more expensive but it will last you for longer. Choose only high quality things!
blue dressCrochet bag

9. Stop making purchases that do not bring any pleasure. Spend money with positive emotions!

10. Remember about the environment and animal rights. Shop responsibly!

All these tips can be really useful for you. Maybe I will also be interested in other my articles about handmade fashion. Try to follow our tips and share them with your friends. We wish you a wise and lucky shopping!

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