Thursday, February 26, 2015

Paintings to have some fun!:)

This is the blog about one wonderful women from USA, California. Her name is Linda Fabrizius.
And that is what she wrote about her.

"I love drawing, using my imagination and humor in all that I do. I have an amazing and funny family that I get a lot of my ideas from! Doing Caricatures, cartoons or anything that people want me to draw is one of the best parts of my day, everyday! I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and help you come up with a unique, hand-drawn original caricature, illustration or anything that you want or need. You'll have a fun time helping me come up with a perfect one of a kind gift for you!"

Looking through her amazing art works I want to share them with others.

Caricature of "It's Great to be Retired!"

This custom caricature is a 11x14. It was commissioned by the daughter for her parents that decided to retire in Las Vegas. The loved playing the poker machines everyday! If they could have, they would have brought, her recliner, his recliner and three TV's. One to watch NASCAR, one to watch "Days of our Lives" and the Dodgers or 49er's. Depending on what season it was.

This was her Christmas present to them. She looked around for months for a great gift for them, but they had everything and didn't like most things. So she found me! I worked with her for a couple of weeks for this caricature.


Caricature of  "It's Great to be Retired!" I would love to do a caricature for you too! Visit my shop and let's get started!

Caricature of, "Hey, I'm a T-Rex!"

This custom caricature is a 8 1/2x11 that was commissioned by poor picked on, T-Rex's wife. He loved stomping around the front lobby of his business acting like he was a T-Rex, sound effects included. This caricature was part of a 50th surprise birthday party with a, T-Rex theme of course! How many 50 year olds have a T-rex party?
Caricature of, "Hey, I'm a T-Rex!"

CARICATURE of, "I Can Do Anything, I'm Wonder-woman"!

This custom caricature was an 8 1/2x11. It was commissioned by "Wonder-woman's " big sister. She wanted to give her little sister something very special to show her how strong she is, as she's battling Breast Cancer. I feel very fortunate to have met her. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out! She goes out of her way to make other patients that are going through chemo with her, feel better and to make sure to help keep their spirits up! 

CARICATURE of, "I Can Do Anything, I'm Wonder-woman"! Please visit my shop and let me do a caricature for you too!

Amazing Einstein Print

 This is a pencil drawing Linda did, that she now makes prints of. If you have someone that you love or someone that inspires you, she would love to draw you an original piece. 


Amazing Einstein Print

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  1. Hi Kate, this is the first time I've able to really look at your blog. So awesome! Thank you so much for including me!