Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wonderful beaded jewelry made by Romanian artisan

Handmade blue beaded belt

Beautiful glamorous waves will accentuate your waist and will complete your outfit in a special way.

Materials: agate cabochon, black goldstone spheres, opalite, glass crystals, glass beads, elastic, felt . All elements are sewed, not glued. The belt is backed with felt.

Length : adjustable between 35.43 and 51.57 inches (between 90 and 131 cm), unfolded.

Handmade jewelry belt.
Unique beaded belt

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Handmade Aquarius beaded necklace

It is said that people born under the sign of Aquarius are progressive, eager to express their ideas and have a highly developed imagination. They appreciate the modern way of life, love the society and they sparkle in it.

With the pendant, you will receive the earrings from the last photo.

Materials: reconstructed turquoise, silver plated wire, glass crystal, glass beads, felt.


Fierce dragon ring

The author has tried to make a scary dragon head. She portrayed him with long, bloody teeth, as he just teared apart his prey, big nostrils to sniff out the unlucky ones who oppose him...His red eyes cannot wait to target the ones who makes you sad .....

Materials: polymer clay , wire, silvered wire.

She constructed the dragon head from wire (to make it resistant) and polymer clay, in multiple layers of wire and polymer clay.

Size: Adjustable


  • Beaded ring

    This ring in happy colors will enlighten your day. :)

    Materials: howlite cabochon, glass beads.

    Size: Adjustable

    Handmade jewelry.



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    1. That dragon like figure made of beads is so cool. That must have taken forever to make. There is so much detail. I don't know if I'd have a stead hand in order to place all those beads correctly.