Friday, February 20, 2015

Awesome Easter eggs

Easter decor "Wooden egg"

Easter decorative egg is made of wood and tied with cotton threads, decorated with ribbon, button, bead, plastic pot, hay and bagging. Decor element in the form of an egg, will decorate your holiday table. It's possible to make products in different color combinations.
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Easter goose egg "Birds"

This painted egg is a hollow goose egg that is painted with hot wax and is etched with vinegar. Bird is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Easter egg with a pattern in the form of a bird is not only a beautiful element of decor, but also an excellent gift for your family. Pay attention that all products are made by hand and can have some insignificant differences.
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Painted ostrich egg "Birds of happiness"

Painted egg is made of ostrich egg, patterned with hot wax and painted with aniline colorant. Handiwork is a great present for Easter. Painted egg is a symbol of Jesus Christ resurrection and nature revival.
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