Friday, February 20, 2015

Lovely and romantic head wreath

Head Wreath "Peonies"

This wreath "Peonies", headband is an elegant accessory in the form of gentle flowers - peonies. Such wreath can become wedding decoration for a bride or serve for other not less significant events.
The wreath is made by hand from artificial berries and velor. It will be a good gift for your girlfriend or sister.

Headband with artificial flowers and apples

This handmade headband is made of a metal frame, artificial flowers and decorative apples. This effective accessory is simply irreplaceable if you need to create an original ethnic look for a photo shoot.

Headband with flowers

This headband with a plastic frame is decorated with a floristic ribbon and artificial berries of mespilus and bilberry. Berries look like natural. The headband will make you the real forest beauty!

Beautiful wreath made of artificial flowers

This beautiful ethnic wreath is made of artificial textile flowers fixed on the basis made of elastic band. The product is decorated with satin ribbons. The wreath will allow you to make your look unrecognizable.

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