Friday, February 27, 2015

Bijouterie that makes your day happier

This time another fascinating jewelry store is in the spotlight! It is the "HappyDayJewelry"!

Ivana, owner of the store, is an economist, but she dared to dedicate her life to what she really loves - to her passion, which is handcrafting and jewelry. And the day, when she made it her primary job, was the happiest day of her life, as she remembers. So appeared the name of the jewelry shop "HappyDayJewelry". And now Ivana makes more people happy - with her works.

In her store we can find pretty necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches. As materials Ivana mostly uses glass pearls, beads, zircon, crystals and leather. 

Let's take our time to look at some of her beautiful creations!

Big colorful necklace

This is big handmade collar-necklace, Ivana made only in one piece, unique, in great combination of different colors. It is very comfortable piece, with double back, and the edges are beaded with glass pearls.

Green embroidered bracelet
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This is handmade unique bracelet, embroidered on leather base with tiny green beads. The entire surface is embroidered with miniature beads and czech crystals. It's base is in white leather while the back is beige leather.

This is women beaded embroidery purple necklace. It is embroidered with tiny beads, pearls, zircons.
Adjustable in length, with clasp on the chain. The necklace is in playful purple tones, and for its shape I was inspired by butterfly wings. 

Baby blue fabric necklace, Braided Necklace, African Necklace, Fabric Choker, Braided Jewelry, Fabric Necklace, Unique Necklaces for Women
This is big light blue necklace. Attractive and modern designed..
Lovely light blue colors, with glitter and a pendant on the left side that giving it an irresistible charm. Necklace is big, warmy and stands high-necked, while it is very comfortable to wear because it is made from cotton machine-knitted tape.

Soutache hand made earrings, Rose earrings, Blue Swarovski crystals, Woman earrings, Unique earrings, Rose soutache earrings, Gift ideas
Lovely rose earrings made of soutache tape, blue swarovski crystals and blue tiny glass pearls. It has large silver plated hooks.

All the pieces are truly gorgeous and I think it is great, that Ivana chose the way of jewelry handcrafter. And I look forward to seeing more of her amazing works in nearest future!

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